Tuesday, May 07, 2013

"No More School" from the 1st album, "The Tree People" is on "12 Miles North" movie soundtrack

Just when we think the Tree People story has come to a close, something new happens: Stephen's acoustic guitar piece "No More School" (which was on the first album "The Tree People" and then was included on the Numero Group's acoustic guitar compilation album "Guitar Soli") is part of the soundtrack of the movie "12 Miles North". You can hear "No More School" at the 18:54 to 20:14 and 24:00 to 25:14 minute marks in the movie. "12 Miles North is a very moving documentary about Nick Gabaldon, a ground breaking black surfer who would paddle his surfboard 12 miles north from Santa Monica to surf the Malibu waves.

12 Miles North:

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