Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Human Voices" downloads now available at Anthology Recordings

Stephen Cohen - guitar, voice
Jeff Stier - percussion, recorder, flute, orchestra bell, voice
Rob McIntosh - voice
Laurie Brown - voice
Denis Mochary - drums
Jeremy Cohen - bass guitar

Origin: Oregon, USA, 1984

Released: 1984/Private Cassette, 2009/Guerssen Records

Recorded at Recording Arts Center, Eugene, Oregon in 1984 by Don Ross.

Remixed at Dead Aunt Thelma Studio, Portland, Oregon, 2007 by Dean Baskerville.

All compositions and lyrics composed by Stephen Cohen, except “Opus II”, “Things fall apart” “Rain, Rain” and “Sketches”, composed by Stephen Cohen and Jeff Stier, except vocal harmonies in “Human Voices” arranged by Rob McIntosh.

Late 70s predecessors of the ongoing New Folk movement in the USA, this is the second of the albums they released. Originally issued as a private cassette only edition of 300 copies only, first time ever reissue.

It features an unreleased track, “Sketches”, found on the same original master tape of “Human Voices”. It was a track done on commission for the soundtrack of a Los Angeles television show.