Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brunch, Music, and Talk, with Rachel and Jeff

We had a Tree People reunion of sorts on a rainy Oregon October Sunday. I have met with Jeff a few times this year, but we had not seen Rachel for over 25 years. After brunch at a funky old school breakfast place near my house in Portland, Oregon, we went to Jeff's house in Lake Oswego,Oregon, where we played music together and talked. We improvised a few simple instrumental pieces on guitar, recorder and flute and it was amazing to hear the Tree People sound returning like it had never left. We then did Morning Song with me on guitar and voice, Jeff on hand drums and Rachel on flute to close our brief musical interlude. Afterwards we talked about the possibility of performing as a group again if the opportunity presented itself. Rachel and I at first said no, what would be the point? But Jeff said, why not? After tossing the idea around, we decided that maybe, yes, if travel and lodging were provided,we would put together a set of Tree People pieces from the Tree People albums, add a few new instumental pieces, and go wherever (Europe or Japan) for a few weeks. That may never happen, but who knows? And it was fun to talk about it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tree People Reunion October 2006

nice note from the United Kingdon

Hello Stephen,
Just thought i'd drop you a quick note. Came across your Blog, and know your music. Really love the Tree people run a little night in Cornwall, UK, playing folk and psychedelic tunes, and with bands and acoustic performers stepping up, and often play bits of the Tree people album, People always dig it. Thought you might like to know something you did, back in the past still resonates happy ripples far away today. Ben