Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brunch, Music, and Talk, with Rachel and Jeff

We had a Tree People reunion of sorts on a rainy Oregon October Sunday. I have met with Jeff a few times this year, but we had not seen Rachel for over 25 years. After brunch at a funky old school breakfast place near my house in Portland, Oregon, we went to Jeff's house in Lake Oswego,Oregon, where we played music together and talked. We improvised a few simple instrumental pieces on guitar, recorder and flute and it was amazing to hear the Tree People sound returning like it had never left. We then did Morning Song with me on guitar and voice, Jeff on hand drums and Rachel on flute to close our brief musical interlude. Afterwards we talked about the possibility of performing as a group again if the opportunity presented itself. Rachel and I at first said no, what would be the point? But Jeff said, why not? After tossing the idea around, we decided that maybe, yes, if travel and lodging were provided,we would put together a set of Tree People pieces from the Tree People albums, add a few new instumental pieces, and go wherever (Europe or Japan) for a few weeks. That may never happen, but who knows? And it was fun to talk about it.


Keith Harvest said...

If you all were to get back together and tour again, that'd be fantastic. I've picked up recently on the original album after a friend suggested it, and now several of us out here in Rochester NY are fans. I just have to say great job, we all love the music that you've all done. These friends of mine also got some Steven Cohen solo albums (or album, can't remember), which I'm envious for in a good way, but he says that the solo material is also very good too. If you all were to come back and tour, be sure to try to give Rochester NY a visit if it's not too out of the way. There'd be quite some people who'd love to see it, and my friends and I all have some great connections with venues and venue owners. My one friend who runs this one record store probably has your album and is a fan (he never seems to not know any great obscure folk groups that I end up finding), and he also has concerts outside of his store (The Bop Shop), and he recently had The Strawbs (friends of his apparently)play.
Well, I know it'd probably be pretty hard and all that and probably won't happen, but if it doesn't, it's completely understandable and not even needing explanation, but if it were to happen, it'd be great we all think.
Love the music,
Keith Harvest

Stephen Cohen said...


Thanks for your nice post! No plans for a Tree People tour are in the works now but if it ever happens, we will put Rochester on the list!
If you want to hear about my new work, you can go to my web site at

thanks, Stephen

Keith Harvest said...

Alright thanks a lot man! I really like your solo stuff, my friends let me hear more, and I was impressed. The site is also chock full of good stuff!
Hope you and everyone else is doing fine.
Keith Harvest