Thursday, August 06, 2009

"Human Voices" vinyl edition now released by Guerssen Records

The vinyl edition of "Human Voices" has now been released by Guerssen Records. They did a wonderful job with the vinyl edition and it is amazing to see this recording, which we did so long ago (in 1984), get new life! Who could guess in 1984 that vinyl would come back in in the 21st century, and that both our 1979 and 1984 albums would be reissued as CDs , downloads and vinyl records?


Human voices

Format. LP

Description. Watch out for this rarity. You know the Tree People, late 70s predecessors of the ongoing new folk movement in the USA. You know their 1979 debut album and you know it's a masterpiece….. but oh well, did you know about their second album??? Surely not, especially because it was a cassette only release at the time with a very short print.
Luckily enough, the Tree People guys kept the mastertapes of these recordings and we're proud to be making this wonderful music available now.
After the CD version released last month, here's the vinyl also with splendid sound quality.

The music here is equally as good, if not better, than the self- titled debut and a real must for any folk and psych- folk lover. Acoustic guitars, subtile percussions, wonderful flute work and some warm vocals, but overall a real big dose of quality and originality that makes the Tree People music be absolutely ahead of its time and therefore so much admired today. A real beauty!

Comes with an insert including liners by the band's leader Stephen Cohen, as well as some pictures.

Ref. GUESS055
human voices
opus II

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