Saturday, February 21, 2009

Download "The Tree People" now at Anthology Recordings

Guerssen Records, who will be handling all our past and future recordings, has placed The Tree People on the Anthology Recordings site for downloading. And you can still order the vinyl reissue of The Tree People at Guerssen, as well as CD and vinyl records of the second (from 1984) and the third (which we are working on now!) Tree People albums when Guerssen releases them later this year.

Here is what Anthology Recordings has to say about The Tree People:

Artist : The Tree People : The Tree People

Stephen Cohen - guitar, lead vocals
Jeff Stier - percussion, recorder, orchestra bells, background vocals
Rachel Laderman - flute
James Thornbury - bass, background vocals, glassfinger guitar

Origin: Eugene, Oregon
Released: 1979/Private, 2006/Tiliqua Records, 2008/Guerssen Records

Originally recorded at a studio in the woods outside of Eugene, Oregon in 1979, the self-titled album "The Tree People" is a fantastic piece of hippie acid-folk. This album features free-hand percussion, eerie flute melodies, and bare hand guitar playing with Cohen's strong vocals completing the portrait painted through melody. The soothing and mellow "Pot Of Gold" and "The Pineapple Song", the almost heathen sounding "Space Heater", and half reggae, half backwoods sound of "Sliding" make for a highly diverse album that is a joy to listen to. It keeps you wondering what you're going to hear next.

Stephen and Jeff decided to bring The Tree People back together in 2008, including third member Rich Hinrichesen on double bass, and are once more touring as a live act.