Friday, October 17, 2008

Guerssen Records of Spain to release old and new Tree People albums in 2009!

  We cannot thank Johan and Tiliqua Records of Japan enough
for the beautiful job they did with The Tree People reissue
CD in 2006. Johan's belief in the album and the resulting
positive attention that the album received helped to inspire
the resurrection of the Tree People as a performing and
recording group.
But it didn't look like Tiliqua Records was going to get to
the Human Voices (our album from 1984) reissue for some time,
if at all, so we felt it was time to go with Guerssen, a
wonderful company in Spain, who did the vinyl reissue of The
Tree People
album earlier this year. Guerssen's catalog is a
perfect fit for the Tree People, and I am looking forward to
working with Antoni and the rest of the Guerssen staff on our
next two releases. Guerssen will be reissuing vinyl and CD
editions of Human Voices in early 2009, and will also be
releasing our third and new album (which we are well on the
way to completing!) later in 2009. The Tree People story