Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Tree People a pick in Toronto

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2008/01/16 Now Magazine, Toronto

Tree for all

Whether you call it freak folk, real people psych or new weird American music, the gently trippy self-titled debut from Oregon’s Tree People – recorded in 79 though it sounds like 69 – has risen to the top of the heap of the genre’s collectible artifacts. And once you hear the eerie flute, wistful strumming and entrancing hand percussion on the magnificently packaged reissue from Tiliqua Records, you’ll quickly understand why this fragile masterwork is so revered by connoisseurs of backwoods hippie hijinks. Fans of Espers, MV & EE and Voice of the Seven Woods should investigate.

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Sean said...

Hi, I've only heard your first album, but there parts that are so beautiful they send shivers up my spine. Thank you.