Wednesday, September 06, 2006

some thoughts and feelings about the reissue, breakfast with Jeff

It is now 27 years after we recorded The Tree People album in 1979. I am very, very happy with the reissue CD. Everything Tiliqua did they did very well, from the graphics, artwork and liner notes to the remastered sound. One side was taken from a master tape, and because the master tape could not be found for the other side, one side was taken from the original vinyl itself. There was some question as to how that would work out. The question was answered with an exclamation point before the final pressing. I took a test CD Johan sent me from Japan to my long time engineer Dean Baskerville at one of the best studios on the West Coast, Dead Aunt Thelma's here in Portland, Oregon. I asked him to listen to several songs and tell me which was from the vinyl and which was from the master tape. It all sounded clear as a bell to him on the studio speakers and he could not guess which was which. I then knew everything would be ok! It has been a wonderful feeling to live through this whole process, from the the weekend recording in the woods so long ago, to all the adventures between, and to now be able to share this music with so many nice people from all over the world. I had breakfast a few weeks ago with Jeff Stier, my main musical partner from the Tree People days, and he was also very happy with the reissue and the job Johan and Tiliqua Records did with it- he was all smiles (and Jeff can be something of a perfectionist)! We both agreed that we are just happy it all happened, and if anything else comes of it that will be fine, but it is all good so far whatever happens.
Stephen Cohen, September 6th, 2006

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