Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where are they now? and links!

Stephen Cohen: I now live in Portland, Oregon with my wonderful wife Kate and three dogs (my children have been all grown up for some time and both are doing great, thank you). I continue to compose music and write songs (I have won several national awards for my song writing), now using acoustic guitar, voice, and original sculptural percussion instruments made from various metals, woods, recycled and found objects, and a revolving roster of guest musicians playing everything from lap steel guitar, cello, acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion and drums, in my recordings and performances. My newest CD, Here Comes the Band is a children's album suitable for adults and vice versa with original paintings and drawings by Portland artist Christopher Shotola-Hardt and a 20 page booklet with lyrics, activities and more. In my 2004 CD, Stephen and the Talk Talk Band, I asked each musician to tell a story before leaving the studio, and then I layered some of the stories they told into some of the music on that CD.
You can find out more on my web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~threehandstephen

Jeff Stier (percussion and recorder): After leaving Eugene, Jeff moved to Washington D.C. to work at the U.S. Congress for Peter DeFazio and was on the progressive congressman's staff for many years. Jeff now works for Bonneville Power Administration. He is very excited and proud of his relatively new daughter. After living in the Washington D.C. area for quite some time, Jeff has recently returned to Oregon and now lives in Lake Oswego. He still plays recorder and flute and even some percussion, now and then, and recently took time off his busy work schedule to add two small but wonderful recorder parts to my new children's album.

Rachel Laderman (flute): Rachel now lives in Olympia, Washington, still plays flute a lot and plays with an all-flute ensemble, The Olympia Flute Choir. She married her old high school sweetheart and has three teenagers. She has been doing environmental education for Thurston County Environmental Health for 10 years.

James Thornbury (bass, background vocals, slide guitar on Bring in The Water: After leaving Eugene, James lived for a time in Los Angeles, then joined Canned Heat as a lead guitarist, vocalist and harmonica player. He toured internationally with Canned Heat for ten years. He then resettled in Australia, where he is still doing it (playing the blues!). He sent me some of his recent CDs and he sounds fantastic! If you ever get to Australia look for him and his current band at one of the many festivals and events he plays every year. You can read about his story,
his latest CDs and more at http://www.jamesthornbury.net

Michael Ayling, now Michael Brewer (engineer and owner, Rockin' A Ranch): Michael now runs a very successful business creating, recording and making music available for film and television sound tracks, businesses and such: http://www.pbtm.com/
And in a quite amazing story, his L.A. band from the 1960's, Mary Butterworth, has been rediscovered in a big way. They recorded just one album, which they just distributed to a small group of friends and fans at the time, but that album has been since been bootlegged and sold in Europe several times over. And most recently a song from that album was used in the movie, Lost in Translation. You can read more at: http://www.marybutterworth.com