Saturday, October 08, 2005

side 2 master- where is side 1?

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Rachel said...

It's amazing to read your reminiscence of our days playing in and around Eugene, Stephen. For one thing, amazing that you have the memory for the places and atmosphere and all those details that bring it right back. I remember putting together our pieces - getting together in your tiny apartment, hearing your ideas and then Jeff and I improvising our solos and duets and background bits, liking something and playing it again until it became the song, though never the same twice. For a shy person it was a great atmosphere to be able to feel free to experiment and even let loose now and then. One small concert you didn't mention was in the house I was living in, we had a little wine tasting and going away concert, just for friends, and it was a high point of my days then. Also I should mention when I played the tape I have for my family (not exactly the record, has some different songs), my son who's an avid electic guitar player, was actually impressed and said he would listen to it from time to time! Now that's amazing. Thanks. (Rachel Donnette, aka Rachel Laderman)